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Información Turística de Agaete

Social and Cultural Manifestations

Popular and Traditional Festivities:
Festivity of Las Nieves:

The main festivity of the Village in honour to the Virgin of Las Nieves takes place in August, 5th. The image of the Virgin is in the hermitage located in Las Nieves’ Port. The picture is there the whole year, with the exception of the days between the 5th and 17th of August when it goes to the Parish of La Concepción, in the centre of the Village. The Festivity of the Slope of the Branch (Bajada de la Rama) takes place on August, 4th, where thousands of dancers dance to the rhythm of one of the two bands in the municipality, leave from the upper part of the town to catch pieces of branches and then to dance with them to the sanctuary of Las Nieves’ Virgin in the port. The festival cortege goes headed by some Bigheaded figures or papagüevos, made out of cardboard and that represent popular characters of the town. These ones dance rotating and with big cloth hands, they push their way through the crowd opening up space for them to walk and dance. This Festivity was declared of National Tourist Interest in 1972.

Festivity of La Concepción:

It takes place December 8th. It is the festivity of the parish of the Village, since the patronage of Agaete is the Immaculate Concepción’s Virgin, with Las Nieves’ Virgin, the co-patronage.

Festivity of San Pedro:

It takes place June 29th in San Pedro’s Parish in the Valley of Agaete. The most prominent act in this celebration is the festivity of the Slope of the Branch, where the neighbours, the night of the 27th go up the mountain to the pinewood of Tamadaba to cut the branches that they themselves will bring down, when the day dawns and then they will dance with the branches in the air through San Pedro’s neighbourhood, leaving them to the Saint at the end of the dance, with the exception of the Canary Islands Mint and thyme branches that will stay in the houses to combat colds and flu.

This is a festivity of great tradition in the municipality, even taking place in the years of the prohibition. The most prominent act is the Funeral of the Sardine, a retinue of laughs and cries accompany the sardine to its burning, opening the way to Lent.

Festivity of Milagrosa:
This takes place in the month of October in the neighbourhood of El Risco.

Festivity of SaintTeresita:

It takes place on the third Sunday of June in the neighbourhood of El Hornillo..

Festivity of Pîlar:

It takes place 12th of October in the neighbourhood of El Pilar.

Festivity of Fátima:

It is celebrated 12th of October in the neighbourhood called Vecindad de Enfrente in Agaete Valley.

Festivity of Saint Sebastián:

It is celebrated 20th of January in the neighbourhood of San Sebastian in Agaete Village.

Christmas Time:

At this time of the year and just nine days before the celebration of Christmas, there is a special tradition in this municipality which consists of the so called Light Masses, where people from Agaete everyday at early morning and before the mass starts, go singing Christmas songs around the village, to call the other neighbours to the mass.
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